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  • 23/11/2021 - Nat 0 Comments
    It Takes Allsorts

    It takes allsorts to make the world go round!

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  • 05/03/2021 - Nat 0 Comments
    Business rates

    A high street killer!

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  • Manchester manufacturing Mancmade
    05/03/2021 - Nat 0 Comments
    Manufacturing in Manchester

    Reasons why my business champions UK made

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  • Manchester, manufacturing ,Mancmade, the Mancunian way
    28/02/2021 - Nat 0 Comments
    An introduction

    I've got a lot to say....

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  • 08/02/2021 - Nat 0 Comments
    Sewing Classes


    I have  set up a sewing programme for anyone interested in learning the art, or even building on their existing sewing and machining skills.

    These classes are invaluable, as they go right back to my beginning... the journey into sewing

    Most people who wear clothes, and like the thought of making your own are very surprised at the construction of clothes, especially when it comes to getting them altered! What I have found over the years is that people who have a sewing machine, are really not as clear as they think on how they (the machine)actually work, in putting something together.



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