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Initial Consultation

Sample Sewing

First Range Development

Small and Medium Production Runs-

Cut, Make, Trim

Startup Fashion Brands initial  Consultation- 2 hrs


Made to Measure

Clothing Alterations

Get in touch for more Info


Send us your design images via email or book a face to face meeting with us via zoom. 
 Specify the details: fabric choice, number of items wanted, sizing, any special requirements,or other requests,  project start and finish date, etc.
Receive a quotation within 48-72 hours
Approve the quotation and give us a green light to start working on your garments
We do encourage appointments to ensure we provide a first class quality service
Arrange for Collection of your products and give us your feedback.


Decide on your production numbers and garment size breakdown.
Let us know the number of pieces (sizes) you require per product 
There is no Minimum order for production 
We do not mass produce - maximum production runs are currently limited to 100 units
Receive a quotation within 48-72 hours and approve
Deliver your fabrics and special trimmings
Feel free to visit our workshop to see our production process
Arrange for collection or delivery of the finished products

Initial Consultation

Discuss what your needs are, and if you have  any other collections
Styles, applications etc..

Assist with Tech packs (Advise as to what is required for a manufacturer to understand product design & construction)

Ask us any questions you have about our manufacturing process and what’s involved

Learn how to choose the correct fabrics and trimmings for your collection

Receive a list of reputable fabric suppliers,trimmings suppliers, manufacturers, embroidery and printing companies.

Etsy Shop


Please visit our Etsy store to discover a selection of our manufactured products.

You are important to us...

Although we provide micromanufacturing and production services, we have the client at the heart of our operations and each brief we undertake is bespoke to the needs of our clients. Therefore we endeavour to work closely throughout the duration and  inclusive at every stage of the critical path.

"A business producing Britishmade , Mancmade, products , services & talent by creating a cottage industry of machinists & creatives to support manufacturing in Manchester "

Natalie Fletcher

"My employment background is predominately sewing. Over the years I have worked for many employers, either manufacturing, specialist sewing & clothing alterations, to name but a few. Aged 16, I completed a production sewing & manufacturing traineeship and qualified as a production machinist, producing blouses for Marks & Spencers "

Natalie Fletcher

Now here.... In-house Sewing workshops


Sewing workshops take place in relaxed settings. We  offer one-day and multi-day events, where participants can bring their own sewing machines and materials. We  also provide sewing machines and basic supplies for those who don't have their own. (Deposit required)

Attending the sewing workshops can have many benefits. It allows participants to learn  and be trained by myself,  an experienced instructor who will provide guidance, tips, and troubleshooting for the sewing machine. It also provides an opportunity to meet other sewing creatives , exchange ideas, and foster a sense of community.  Sewing workshops create a great sense of wellbeing and can boost confidence, enhance skills, and inspires creativity.


**Remember to check the workshop details, including the cost, schedule, skill level  and materials needed, before signing up.


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