Online Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

Teaching the Stitch by Stitch way!


I have  set up an Online sewing programme for anyone interested in learning the art, or even building on their existing sewing and machining skills.

These classes are invaluable, as they go right back to my beginning... the journey into sewing

Most people who wear clothes, and like the thought of making your own are very surprised at the construction of clothes, especially when it comes to getting them altered! What I have found over the years is that people who have a sewing machine, are really not as clear as they think on how they (the machine) actually work, in putting something together.

Why have I set up these Online Classes/Course?

Secondly, in 2011 I did several pilots within the community and also got lots of feedback from my fellow peers ,whilst studying a Fashion & Clothing technology Degree, as most of the other students were lacking confidence when it came to the Sewing Machine. This tool is vital ,so I thought back then, that it needed addressing.... hence the pilot community workshops! They were very successful and I went on to set up a social enterprise , teaching sewing and machining skills.

Firstly, as far as I'm concerned, sewing is a lifeskill, one that should be taught in all schools, just as I was taught, back in school (not that long ago ;))! 

These classes are to show you how to alter your own clothes (make do and mend) , to Sew for business and just to create that perfect piece of clothing , uniquely for you and to provide the support and guidance to finish that sewing project!