It Takes Allsorts

It takes allsorts to make the world go round!

Whilst working in the business of sewing I had discovered there was a demand for upskilling in that particular sector. This became much more evident as I studied a degree in fashion & clothing technology (2009),  most of the students on my course, loved fashion ,but weren't so enthralled by the garment construction element, sew I piloted several workshops around the borough, using various venues within the community! They proved a success, this I then put into practice and started sewing workshops.

In 2014 I was awarded £5000, this was to set up my social enterprise, #ITTAKESALLSORTS.  Back then I had access to premises which were suitable for my sewing workshops,  so it was equipped, initially funded with the grant  which I delivered to members of the community , as well as clients referred to me from Job centreplus!

Just in 2019 , I had been discussing hiring a venue and going into an education establishment, then as things were being put in place...The world tipped over!

At the end of last year ( 2021) I set up a #crowdfunder to support the business and get the project (social enterprise)  off the ground, unfortunately, it wasn't successful, as I now know that it really is a fulltime job, when building a campaign to raise awareness of projects!

Where things currently stand with this project. I am currently working on delivery programme that can be run using the hybrid model (Online and Venue)