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Reasons why my business champions UK made

Mancmade Ltd

In 2011 I read an article in Drapers magazine, it was all about save our skills. That particular issue was focussed on UK sewing skills, this further ignited my passion for manufacturing in Manchester, as that was where my mind was at. 
I had recently finished my degree in fashion & clothing technology  and decided it was time to start making in Manchester, trying to re-image the historical past, with an industrial flatbed sewing machine, skills and plenty of fabric.

At Mancmade Ltd, we are;

  •  Complete control of  small scale, slow fashion production from the delivery of quality workmanship, provided by local homegrown talent  
  • 100% Transparency.
  • Fair pay for all, putting an end to slave labour and providing safe working environments.
  • Training community members with the skills to get up into the workplace, or set up their own outfit.

And so for these reasons, is why my business Mancmade ltd champions UK made!