Turning a side hustle into my main focus!

Side Hustles are very relevant in todays climate! 


I've been a bit of a hustler myself over the years, so turning my side hustle into my main focus was a no brainer!
Like I've said before, Don't be a busy fool! It's so easy to let your side hustle take over your life. My advice would be to build the side hustles around what you already do, this creates a passion, which can then be applied and implemented into a new business, or your existing business!
Having previously worked in many roles as a full time employee and having my side hustle, which has always been sewing (altering & repairing clothes), I was close to burn out. So I turned it around and turned my side hustle into my Employer! I set up my business and provided several other services around that business, turning my side hustles into multiple income streams. As a creative, my mind constantly finds solutions, one being how to survive in this current climate of, STARVE or CARVE!
Big Up the Hustlers, especially the ones trying to keep their heads above the "cost of living crisis"